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  • Difference between highbanker and sluice box? (Page 1

    Apr 18, 2014I think if you start down the diy path you end up learning alot more about how they work, and what works. It kind of makes you do your research. Some of the guys here have done sluice to highbanker conversions, I have used an Angus McKirk boss conversion that works great. All good advice above though, try starting with the site sponsors.

  • The Hobo Highbanker

    Sep 12, 2011Posted June 29, 2011. Got a friend with a claim that's running a highbanker and getting some good gold. I got invited and have access so I decided to make my own homemade highbanker. Made my own top box and am using my Keene sluice for the bottom. Wrapped it all up in an old 4-foot ladder. :yuk-yuk: So I call it the hobo highbanker.

  • homemade highbanker gold sluices

    Dec 18, 2019The highbanker has become a popular piece of prospecting equipment. It is really just a sluice box set up to run at a location away from the waters edge. A close relation of the dredge and sluice box, the highbanker has the advantage of being able to work

  • How to use a sluice box

    Nov 04, 2016The sluice box is an absolute must for the beginner. It is a simple, yet effective, tool which allows the operator to process a great deal more material than would ever be possible by simply using a gold pan. Our Proline sluice boxes are built with

  • Custom Built Highbankers, sluice boxes, dredge, hand

    Power sluice - Highbanker hopper. Can be built for any size sluice. 10-16 models have a 36 x 16 opening. - TIG welded ALL ALUMINUM construction. - 1 x .120 square tube top lip. Dual 2 adjustable Spray bar system includes: - 240 spray holes. - 2 separate control valves. - 3 inlet.

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    A Recirculating Sluice Box for Gold Prospecting: One of my many hobbies is recreational gold prospecting. I've been gold panning on my vacations for many years. It's a lot of fun. It's great exercise. I get to do it in really scenic locations. I have even found some gold. However, you

  • #58 Mini Highbanker

    The sluice and hopper make 42 of classifying area. The box and hopper are 6W x 21L x 3 inch high sides it weigh's 10 lbs. The riffles and cage are aluminum, making it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up. This Highbanker has a 12volt 800-gph pump for plenty of water volume. I now make this units with a built in spaybar.

  • Sluice Boxes

    The performance of this sluice box is by far superior to anything on the market" We simply blow the competition away. This sluice box will find you more gold than any other box out there and you will not find a better sluice box to expand into dredges, high bankers and more than the Keene Super Sluice. Net Weight 18.5 lbs . $514.99 # 3120

  • How to Build a Wooden Sluice Box

    Sluice boxes have been used by gold prospectors for years. The bottom of a sluice box is covered with so-called riffles. Water flows through these riffles, and any heavy material, including gold, falls to the bottom of the box while the water and any lighter materials, including sand, is washed away.

  • What Sluice Mat is Best

    Things like what type of equipment do you have, the GPH running through it, gold size in your area, etc are important. EXAMPLE: I have a Keene Highbanker- 10″ wide, 48″ long, running a 2″ trash pump rated at 8000 gph, but I measured it and the actual gph going through the sluice is 6000 gph. Most of the gold is in the 50 – 100 mesh

  • Build Your Own Homemade Mining Equipment

    Jul 28, 2011The highbanker has become a popular piece of prospecting equipment. It is really just a sluice box set up to run at a location away from the waters edge. A close relation of the dredge and sluice box, the highbanker has the advantage of being able to work

  • Gold Sluice Box

    【Main parts】grizzly bar, sluice, mat, frame, water pipe, etc. 【Working principle of gold sluice box】Placer gold mining refers to separating gold from alluvial gold deposits.Under the combined action of water flow force, gravity (or centrifugal force) and friction between ore particles and trough bottom, ore particles with different specific gravity are loosely stratified and separated.

  • do i set my ripples on a sluice box to 45 or 90 degrees

    Information on how sluice boxes work as well as sluice box use and set up instructions Home Products 45 Yellow Jacket Sluice Magnum 12v Power Sluice Know More. 2 suction dredge Gold Dredging Forum. Custom Built Highbankers sluice boxes dredge hand.

  • BC Placer

    Water from a sluice box or highbanker must flow into a settling pond or a tank/tub. Water in a pond can soak into the ground or be reused or both. It is not legal to use a sluice box in a stream. Using a Pump See Pumping Water. You can use a water pump without a licence for hand mining if the suction intake is no larger than 1.5 inches.

  • Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice

    Grizzly Gold Trap sluices are the next generation of fluid bed sluices. Used by prospectors to capture gold from nuggets to fine gold in streams and rivers. Grizzly Gold Trap is a self-classifying sluice and maximizes gold recovery better than any sluice on the market.

  • Proline Mining Equipment Dredge/Highbanker Combo 2

    Big Banker (highbanker only) Our Proline Big Banker is a highbanker suitable for feeding with the new breed of mini-excavator available these days. The hopper is 29 x 33 with a 20 wide x 72 long sluice. Comes complete with Honda GX270 engine and HP500 pump with base plate and hoses. Comes with axle and tires to aid in moving the unit around.

  • How to Set Up and Use a Sluice Box – Black Mining

    Sep 17, 2019How Sluice Boxes Work Running a sluice box is one of my favorite methods of prospecting. With relatively little equipment to pack in, a prospector can move a lot of material and develop a good amount of concentrates in a day. Sluices also have the advantage of being hand fed, non-powered equipment, so no gas to pack, no smoke to inhale and no noise to spoil a quiet

  • Super Sluice Box – Armadillo Mining Shop

    Super Sluice Box. Our Super Sluice Box is the first sluice that allows you to dump unclassified material through the box at much higher volumes than ever thought possible while still retaining fine gold! Not only does this sluice a eat material like no other, it is the easiest and fastest sluice to set up in the world.

  • Building A Home Made Highbanker

    Jan 01, 2020 The sturdy, compact highbanker sluice by Royal Manufacturing is a well-made kit, including all the necessary parts to make it a true power sluice. 2. Gold Hog Raptor Flare Highbanker. This high-efficiency power sluice can keep around five people busy and process up to 100 buckets of dirt an hour without prior classification.

  • highbanker dredge hopperplans

    Nov 25, 2020 Proline Mining Equipment Dredge/Highbanker . The highbanker portion, often referred to as a power sluice, is different as well.The hoppers on our combos are considerably larger and receive a dual spray manifold with the proper size and number of spray holes to closely match the performance of their respective pumps.

  • How Do The Sluice Boxes Work ?~ moneygolddiamond

    A sluice box is like a long tray which is open at both ends. Most will have riffles, spaced evenly along the length of the sluice, usually every few inches, perpendicular to the length of the sluice. Riffles cause small barriers to the water flow which creates eddies in the water, giving the heavier material (black sand and gold) a chance to

  • how to build a portable sluice

    Sep 24, 2020What Is A Sluice Box + 4 Helpful Tips For Best Use. Jan 01, 2020 Also, the best sluice boxes use high-quality carpet matting or miner moss, a material made from a woven vinyl mesh assembled in a random, spaghetti-like fashion. Types Of Sluice Box Kits Available. Portable Sluice Box. Highbankers. The Le Trap Sluice Box.

  • Diy Sluice Box Design Pictures

    Aug 18, 2021Basically, a sluice box is a long, narrow box with a series of obstructions called riffles in it. Heckler fabrication can custom build you a quality highbanker, power sluice, trommel sluice box, concentrate sluice, dredge sluice box, hand sluice box, or modify/update your existing recovery system w/ any of our many options.

  • Bilge Pump Highbanker

    Mar 04, 2013I made a little highbanker from my first ever sluice box that I made. I cut the sluice box in half that gave me enough length for the highbanker sluice the top hopper. I am in the building game so materials were just sourced from waste stuff being a builder being handy with my hands the construction of it was no problem.

  • Build a sluice box (boil box)

    Nov 13, 2011If you do not plan to chemically weld the acrylic you will want to prep the edges with sandpaper so the epoxy can form a better mechanical bond. 10. Lay one of the sides on the sluice bottom boil box section of the sluice and mark out all of your cuts for the holes and threaded rod.

  • mining equipment sluice box

    A power sluice or highbanker is basically a sluice box with height and mobility and is motorized. It is mounted on a 4-legged stand that gives the sluice box the correct slope. Instead of being put right in the creek like a hand sluice, an engine with a water pump and some hoses gets the water up from the stream into the sluice or highbanker.

  • ho to make gold highbanker machine

    Mar 04, 2016The highbanker has become a popular piece of prospecting equipment. It is really just a sluice box set up to run at a location away from the waters edge. A close relation of the dredge and sluice box, the highbanker has the advantage of being able to work bench gravels left high and dry by river erosion which are unmined and may contain gold

  • Gold Rat Highbankers

    Gold Rat is an Australian family owned Manufacturing business, providing solutions to aussie prospectors. We supply gold sluices, highbankers, gold cleanup systems, recovery systems like the famous Vortex Dream Mat, pumps, rock crushers and more.We are 100% Australian Made Certified which means we employ, source and support Australian suppliers at every stage of production with

  • Long Sluice Box

    Mar 01, 2018The term highbanker originally applied to a sluice box that was not attached to a dredge but still used pumped water to wash gravels. The idea was to be able to work high banks and benches, as long as you had a hose long enough to stretch to the water source. The term seems to be used less today, in favor of the term power-sluice, so be aware.

  • Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold

    This page shows you what I did build my sluice box. Building a 3 stage sluice box for a gold dredge. Header / crash box / flare: This is one where you have to decide what you want to do. You can go with a crash box style head and is relatively easy to make. A crash box is just a box that sits and the head of the sluice, directing the flow of